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Garage Door Opener Repair San Diego CAWhen you think about it, we really take garage doors for granted. We just assume that they’re going to work the same way all the time, but sometmes it’s just not the case. Just like anything else, they break down over time. 

Someone might run into the garage door with their car.  Maybe the garage door sensors have gone out and in that case, nothing is stopping the door from coming down on the door on something that’s blocking its path. Maybe the door has gone off the rollers, which have worn down. Maybe the batteries died in the opener.

Your garage door system is made up of many different parts and they all have an important function; when something goes down, it affects the the safety and stability of the door.

Garage Door Panel Repair San Diego CAGarage door problems should never be ignored; if you don’t take care of the problem now, it could snowball into an even bigger problem.  Don’t wait for things to get worse!  Contact Dr Garage Door Repair Carmel Valley, and we’ll send one of our garage door doctors/tecnicians out to your home or business.

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