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Dr Garage Door Repair Carmel ValleyIt’s late at night. It’s been a long day at work, and on the way home, you get a call from one of your children saying there’s no milk in the house for cereal in the morning, and so you have to stop off at the grocery store.

You finally drive up the driveway and push the button to open your garage door. Nothing happens. You try pushing it again.  Still nothing.  The door was working this morning. What gives?

When you find yourself in a scenario like this, it’s time to call the awesome technicians at Dr Garage Door Carmel Valley, who are certified, bonded and insured. They’ll come out, diagnose the problem and prescribe a course of an effective, affordable solution.  You could try diagnosing the problem over the Internet, buy why take the time to do it when you could get an assessment faster from a technician?Click for Coupons

We do a lot more than just fix garage doors for your home or business. We also install new garage doors made by the major garage door manufacturers, as well as provide routine maintenance and inspections, as well as other services.

  • If your garage door is off its tracks…
  • If your garage door springs are shot…
  • If your garage door opener is deader than a door nail…
  • If your garage door sensors aren’t detecting things obstructing the door’s path…

… it’s time to call Dr Garage Door Repair Carmel Valley!

Call us today at (858) 225-6954!

Our Services Include:

Garage Door Repair Service San DiegoGarage Door Installation Service San DiegoGate Repair and Installation Service San Diego

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